About US

It is believed that everybody in this world has some kind of talent inside them and some who choose right platform and right opportunity to show their talent becomes successful and known for their art. Globally there are many artist which have established them but besides them there are many junior artists which are still not known outside of their local community. For such artist, Reel focus an online artist profile and portfolio showcasing platform, provides a great opportunity to build artist profile online for free and showcase their artist portfolio to the world. No matter, which kind of art talent you have, whether you are a Singer, DJ, Film Director, Vocalist, Dancer, Photographer, Painter or anything else you are always welcome to join reel focus a fresh Talent Showcasing platform where you can connect with other artists of the world. Here on reel focus, you can take part on various competitions and events organized on timely manner and can show your talent to the world.

Reel Focus is such a platform for new edge artists as well as junior artists who are in efforts of giving their career a new direction where they can find themselves globally recognized by the global audience. If you are an upcoming single, dancer, painter, music director, photographer, vocalist or any have any other talent in any art associated with entertainment industry. Reel Focus is not limited by the geological boundaries as anyone from any corner of earth can join Reel Focus, can build his/her artist profile or art portfolio and showcase your portfolio to millions of others. You can upload your own art videos and can get millions of fan following. You can chat with other artists in your similar art or other arts.

There are 3 prime motives of us. First one is you can compete here and win, Second one is you can upload show reels and third get discovered by a much wider audience globally.


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