Reel Focus: Showcasing of Your Talent on Right Place

In the Modern era when everybody wants to be successful in his/her field. In entertainment industry where there is stiff competition, it becomes quite important for an artist to place his/her talent art portfolio on right place so that it can be discovered by a wider audience. Thought is quite simple as if you want to be recognized on global, you have to choose such a talent showcasing platform that can offer you a cutting edge exposure based on innovative concepts and can assist the artist career development through mentoring and guidance by established industry professionals. Reel Focus is such a Talent Showcasing platform online where you can join by free, can create your artist profile or portfolio, connect with other artists, can share your thoughts with them through chat and can get news & updates of competitions & live events.

Showcasing of Your Talent

Reel Focus has been developed on the theme of a global platform which has been dedicated to artists of all genres and any artist who has been associated with entertainment industry can come to connect, discover and share. There are 3 kinds of profiles on reel focus i.e. Profile of Performers and juniors (under the age 18 and which allows an artist to showcase their talent to global audience). In this section following artist can make their profile on reel focus a;

  • Singers, Bands, Deejays from Music Industry
  • Dance, All category from Classical to Hip Hop and Burlesques
  • Actors and film makers from Film Industry
  • Authors, Poetry, Screen Writers from Writing Industry
  • Journalists, Presenters, Interviewer, MC
  • Fashion Models, Designers from Fashion World
  • Painters, Sculptors from Art Industry
  • Comedians and Stand Up Artists
  • Film and Theater Artists
  • Photographers from Photography Industry

Second Profile section is known as VIP and it’s for established industry professionals, celebrities, casting agents, management companies and media. They will be guiding and mentoring the junior artists shaping their career in a more efficient way. However, VIP profiling is only possible by invitation only. It will be definitely a life changing experience to take guidance and consultation from the people who have established themselves into the industry. There will be lot more things which you will be learning from them.

Third Profile Section is for charity organizations as we, at reel focus believe that it’s our social responsibility to give and help those who are less fortunate and for this purpose selected charity organizations have been invited on reel focus to make profile and advertise their charity events and programs to gain global exposure.


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